Buh-Bye! Angelina Ordered To Pack Her Trash Bags And Go

Last week, we nearly said goodbye to Snooki after an overblown incident involving a jacuzzi, a duck phone and a minor case of throw-up breath. Fortunately, Snooks put aside her hot tub humiliation and gave herself a second chance to make a first impression -- which is more than we can say for Angelina.

Yep, the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island (and self-proclaimed "c***blocker") was asked to turn in her house keys tonight, after mouthing off to her boss-slash-landlord, hiding in a bathroom stall and refusing to sell crappy novelty tees. So what made the brassy bartender fly off the handle? Well, we'd like to believe Angie's I'm-sick excuse (haven't you heard? she's got the black lung, pop!), but our gut tells us this has more to do with her boyfriend, Mr. I-Won't-Cheat-On-My-Wife (At-Least-Not-On-TV).

In any event, we're truly sorry to see her go. Angelina, we'll always remember you for your tiny booty shorts, massive anger issues, and strong aversion to NJ "sluts" (and working more than once a week). Thanks for stoppin' by! The J. Shore won't be the same without you ... or your Hefty brand luggage.

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