Pentatonix Wage War On Thanksgiving With 'That's Christmas To Me'

Watch the a cappella group's new video.

Wake up, people. There's a battle raging all around you. With nine days to go until Thanksgiving, some Americans are already jumping ship in favor of the December holiday season -- people like the five members of Pentatonix.

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The a cappella group's new video for "That's Christmas To Me" -- the original title track off of their recently released holiday album -- finds the fivesome reminiscing about X-mases past. They've even got some home videos thrown in there from when they were kids.

Surely, this is a sign that the War on Thanksgiving is real, right?

Or, maybe I'm just blowing PTX's cute little seasonal video way out of proportion, and there's no such thing as a War on Thanksgiving -- or any holiday. Yeah, that's probably it.

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