This Whale Was Drowning In Garbage Until Two Heroic Teens Saved The Day: Watch

The whale said 'Thanks' in the most adorable way.

Seventeen-year-old 17 year old Michael Riggio and twenty-year old Ivan Iskenderian were out fishing near their home in Sydney, Australia, when a whale approached the boat with a plastic bag and some fishing line stuck on its face. The Southern Right Whale kept coming close to the boat, raising its head above the water, and staring at them, so the boys helped him out by pulling the garbage off -- and then the whale seemed to say "thanks" by twirling around and slapping its fin on the surface of the water.

Whale expert Geoff Ross told the Sydney Morning Herald that the whale was definitely coming to the boys for a helping hand. "It is bizarre, really unique behavior for a wild animal, particularly for its size," he said. "But they are quite intelligent."

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