Could Kira's 'Teen Wolf' Fox Spirit Actually Help Scott's Pack?

Sometimes, it takes evil to beat evil.

All is well in Scira world... for now.

We were flabbergasted last week as to why Kira and her mom were hunting down loincloth-clad skin walkers in the desert, but "Teen Wolf" fan Dominique hit it on the head with her comment: "I think Kira will be required to prove herself in battle so the skin walkers can help her to regain control over her fox spirit." Yep, pretty much!

This week's ep definitely had us on the edge of our seats — Kira was forced to engage in sword-to-sword combat with the dastardly Oni in an effort to dominate the fox spirit that threatens to consume her. Noshiko said that if Kira doesn't learn discipline over the kitsune (something only the skin walkers can teach her), she will cease to exist. *gasp!*


While Kira was none to pleased to take lessons from a couple of "crazy, half-naked women carrying spears and wearing animal pelts," she didn't have much of a choice. Just when we thought Scott's love had conquered the Oni battle, we found that she actually didn't win anything — her fox spirit did, leaving her to roam the desert as a skin walker for all of eternity. Um, tricked, much? Totally unfair.


Luckily, Mrs. Yukimura went all mama bear on the skin walkers — "I am kitsune of 900 years" *mic drop* — and Scott and Stiles saved the day, Kira, Mama Noshiko and the evil fox spirit.

But just one question: Could Kira's dark kitsune actually be an asset to Scott's pack? After all, the "Teen Wolf" crew is on the verge of battle with a slew of Beacon Hills baddies — La Bête, the Dread Doctors, Theo and potentially Deucalion. Maybe it truly does take evil to beat evil.

What do YOU think? Comment away, and get more deets on Kira's situation this Tuesday at 9/8c!

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