White Zombie Rock Streisand Wedding

White Zombie, Barbra Streisand, PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode, John Lennon, Mack 10...

Industrial rocker Rob Zombie of White Zombie unwittingly took part in diva Barbra Streisand's Wednesday night wedding to actor James Brolin when one of Zombie's songs was blared at paparazzi in order to drown out the ceremony. "I got home and got 900 phone calls on my machine," Zombie said Thursday (July 2) when word leaked that his band's song "Thunderkiss '65" was blared during the course of the ceremony in order to deny paparazzi and media the chance to get audio of the nuptials. "It's pretty fuckin' cool," Zombie said of the (dis)honor. "I thought it was fuckin' hilarious." In addition to the black van blasting the WZ tune for more than four hours, a bright spotlight was shined on the media hordes gathered outside Streisand's Malibu, Calif., home, which prompted one neighbor to reportedly complain, "Not to take away from her day, but she's a bitch."

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