50 Cent Thinks His Next Solo LP Will Sell A Million; Jay-Z Analyzes Ice-T/Soulja Boy Debate, In 'Mixtape Monday'

Plus, Young Jeezy Sees 'Eye To Eye' With R. Kelly.

Artist: B.O.B.

Representing: ATL

Mixtape: Hi! My Name is B.O.B.

"We did that hook, man, a year ago," said B.O.B., who has been called a mixture of Q-Tip, T.I. and Andre 3000. "During the process, we were getting the [deal] with Grand Hustle. T.I heard the hook, and he sat and thought about it for while. He got in the booth and was like, 'What y'all waiting for? Let's do it.' It turned out dope."

Clothing company LRG was so enthralled by his swag, they started using B.O.B. on billboards across the country.

"My sound is really alternative," said the teenager, who was formally introduced with his debut single, "Haterz Everywhere," earlier this year. "You can't really place it in a category. It covers genres from rock to hip-hop, techno, swing music. It's everything. It's gonna change music. I know it's gonna change music. 'Haterz' is just a tiny spec. But it's a broad range of music. It's good because when people get to know B.O.B., they'll love him."

His debut is called The Adventures of B.O.B. (he insists he wasn't familiar with The Adventures of Slick Rick — he is only 19). On to the mixtape.

Joints to Check For:

"Haterz Everywhere." "All the credit for this song goes to all the haters," B.O.B. admitted. "I've been promoting that record for two years. It's had a long stretch. I lapped that song, did a victory lap, then another one. It's crazy how it went that long, because it started a whole hater epidemic. My homie Maino has song called 'Hi Hater,' and this dude in the Bahamas [Collie Budz] got the song [that goes,] 'I'm blind to you, haters.' "

"Grip Your Body." "This record is featuring Amy Winehouse," he said. "We finin' to put that on the iTunes EP called 12th Dimension. We got a lot of dope songs that ain't on the mixtape. It's been getting good feedback. Amy Winehouse is saying, 'I just wanna grip your body.' I say, 'Well, go head and grip it.' I'm about to get things wet like the dishes."

B.O.B. also insists that the Amy vocals aren't sampled, she sang them for him. "They sent me the track," he said. "We couldn't get her directly in the studio. But she sent it. I recorded it last year, and we decided to release it this year."

"Lonely People." "I recorded it with Jim Johnson," B.O.B. explained. "He's doing his thing. I owe [him] a lot of my inspiration for taking my production game to a whole 'nother level. We went to New York for a session, and I played him the [original] Beatles record ["Eleanor Rigby"]. He was, like, 'Yeah, that's crazy. We need to flip that.' That's another song I think is a real underground banger."

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Celebrity Faves

Yeah, people are still talking about the Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy Tell'em flap. The issue is much larger than the two artists; it's about the generation gap. What does the man the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust voted the Greatest MC of All Time have to say? Jay-Z noted that it's essential to have the ying and the yang.

"Well, I think there's a balance, right?" Jay said while he was in the U.K. to headline the [article id="1590182"]Glastonbury music fest[/article]. "I think the newer guys have got to respect the foundation and what's been laid down for them. The older guys have got to respect what's coming up next. So, I know that sounds like a non-answer but that's just the truth. In hip-hop, it's all about balance. You've always had [Jazzy Jeff] and Fresh Prince when you had Rakim. There's always been a balance in hip-hop, and I think it's always needed. So, as long as we respect each other, 'Old school, new school, no school rules.' Doug E. Fresh, I guess."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From the Underground

Not that we're bringing back bad memories, but we know you all remember several months ago when [article id="1582758"]R. Kelly dropped that freestyle, "I'm a Beast."[/article] Nobody knew exactly who Kelly was aiming his pied piping-hot fury at, but some were inferring that maybe he threw a subliminal message at none other than the neighborhood Snowman, Young Jeezy. "Say you'se a 'go getta'/ Go get your own sh--, boy," Kelly rapped.

Far be it from us not to get clarity. A while back, we asked Jee about the line. He said that the innuendo is preposterous.

"Hell, nah," Jeezy smiled, sitting in his Dirty South studio. "Come on bruh. I ain't even thinking about that. But at the same time, I don't know what going on with that. I'm not in that world. But me and dude always seen eye to eye, so I wouldn't even understand that. But that's what music is. ... But he did a song called 'Go Getta' too, so why couldn't he say it? He wasn't saying, 'Jeezy, you ain't no go getta.' That's a damn lie. I know he wouldn't do nothing like that.

"That's when you know it's getting crazy, when you listening to what that man said," he added. "It's R&B. I seen dude since then. C'mon man, that ain't the case."

Mr. 17.5 has more important issues at his mind. He's thinking about the country. Young wants nothing more than to see [article id="1590325"]>Barack Obama[/article] take office. He released a single called "My President Is Black" on his Web site.

"I just think, if you got voice to speak, you should touch on those subjects," he said.

"If we the ones speaking," he continued, addressing his fellow musicians, "we gotta make some sense sometimes. You can't just take your power, your God-given gift, and talk about bullsh-- all the time." ...

50 Cent thinks we could see another MC sell a million copies in the first week before 2008 is over: him! He plans on dropping his next solo LP, Before I Self-Destruct, within the next few months.

"Fourth quarter," he said of the release date. "I got some music. But I'mma make music until I reach a closing date. I'mma stay creative and continue to try and progress.

"I want to focus on the positive, and I feel I'm one of the more vocal people in hip-hop," he added. "Even when it's not about music, people pay attention to me, because I have something to offer. I'll continue to create quality music at a pace they haven't seen."

This past Fourth of July, 50 supplied the perfect music for the holiday weekend barbecues, his latest mixtape, Sincerely Southside. Fif inserts his vocals on classic R&B songs such as Yarbrough and Peoples' "Don't Stop the Music" and Alicia Myers' "I Want to Thank You."

"I did that when I was on the movie set [of 'Microwave Park],' " he said. "That's why Banks and Yayo wasn't on it. ... That music is timeless. Undeniable music. To put it in a row where it's some of my favorite songs there and add a piece of me to it, I think it's exciting. I can bear listening to it, regardless of the setting I'm in. Everything I'm listening to isn't hip-hop music."

The Queens warlord also promised that a [article id="1583997"]G-Unit Gangsta Grillz[/article] with DJ Drama is still on the horizon.

"The DJ Drama tape is probably gonna come, obviously after the G-Unit album," he explained.

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