'About Last Night' Star Kevin Hart Shares His Wingman Commandments

'I'm a great wingman in real life,' Hart says of his ability to get his pal's back.

Kevin Hart was 7 years old when the original "About Last Night" came out. That 1986 gem starring Demi Moore, Rob Lowe and James Belushi followed a couple whose friends did not approve of their hook-up, and it taught a generation about when it's appropriate for you to say "I love you" first and what it feels like when love is real but seems kind of wrong.

The remake, which hits theaters on Friday (February 14), stars Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant in a story about, well, another impossibly good-looking couple who drunkenly hook-up only to find that their friends, well, you get the point.

"I'm a great wingman in real life," Hart told MTV News, as co-star Hall looked on with just a shade of disbelief on her face. "You need somebody to understand their position."

So, for those of you looking for love in all the wrong places, here are the rules of wingman etiquette from the cast of the film:

1. Be A Fall Guy

"I need you to take up this person's time to allow me to do what I need to do over here," Hart explained. Maybe that entails convincing a lady that he's a nice guy, or making a sexual proposal or perhaps just untangling himself from a prior commitment.

2. Tell The Truth

Bryant said honesty is king when it comes to wingwomanness.

3. Don't Project

For Ealy, the key is for your right-hand man to not put his drama on your relationship. "That I don't have with that little bastard right there," he said, pointing to Hart. "He projects all of his stuff on my relationships and that creates so much tension."

But when Hall asked Hart about what rules applied to their relationship, his answer was simple. "We don't need no wings, baby, 'cause we don't fly," he said. "We done landed on our rock."