Britney Spears Works On Next LP In Switzerland, Sweden

Britney Spears is currently overseas working on the follow-up to her multi-platinum debut, "Baby One More Time," at studios in Sweden and Switzerland, and she took time out from her busy schedule to sweep through last week's MTV Europe Music Awards.

For the 1999 MTV EMAs, Spears performed a medley of her hits and ended up taking home several awards (see [article id="1434401"]"Bono Honored As Britney Spears Dominates MTV Europe Awards"[/article]).

During dress rehearsals for the show, MTV News' John Norris caught up with Britney, who talked about the progress that she had made, so far, on recording album number two.

[article id="1450674"]"I just got back from Sweden,"[/article] Britney said, [article id="1450674"]"and we did half the material over there. I was really, really happy with the material, but we had [such] limited time to get so much done. So I've just really been in the studio nonstop, which is cool, though."[/article]

While in Europe, Spears has reteamed with producer and songsmith Max Martin, who helped pen several tracks on the teen singer's first album, including the title track and the original version of "(You Drive Me) Crazy.

Spears also traveled to Switzerland to work on some songs with famed producer "Mutt" Lange, the husband of country sensation Shania Twain, and told John Norris that she was hoping to collaborate with Diane Warren and Babyface, among others.

When asked about what differences fans could expect between her first and second albums, Spears pointed out that her age would have an obvious effect on the material.

"When I did the first record," Britney said, "I just turned 16, and I'm almost 18 now. So the record will definitely grow, 'cause I've grown as an artist. Generally, it's still pop

music, but I think it's

a little bit funkier. It's more 'now,' the music's now. It's really funky. It's really fun, and I'm really excited." [RealVideo]

Britney Spears will celebrate her eighteenth birthday on December 2. To see her performance (and multiple acceptance speeches) from the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards, be sure to tune in to the show on November 20 at 7 p.m. (ET).

And for more backstage goings-on at the EMAs, check out this week's "MTV News 1515" airing at 7:30 p.m. (ET) on Friday, November 19.

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