'Animal Crossing' Is Here To Unite Us All As We Socially Distance Ourselves

Even Lil Nas X, Brie Larson, and Mark Hoppus are excited

The novel coronavirus may be forcing the world to distance themselves from each other in a bid to lessen the respiratory illness's spread, but there's one game that's going to bring us all together again: Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It can be difficult to keep your head up right now in the middle of such a scary situation, but there's at least one good reason to get excited as the world feels like it's in a massive state of chaos. The very first Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch is debuting on March 20.

As it turns out, Animal Crossing: New Horizons could very well be the one thing that unites us all around the world in pure, unadulterated video gaming bliss. It's been far too long since we had a new entry in the beloved series, and now that it's on its way out, even celebrities can't hide how hyped they are to live out their own island life in the adorable simulation game. With so many of us choosing to self-isolate these days, it's the perfect way to come together despite the lack of physical connections right now.

Celebrities from Lil Nas X to Brie Larson have taken to social media to trumpet their excitement for the upcoming game from the heavens, and honestly? It definitely makes us all feel a little closer already to think that we're sitting around waiting on the same title to debut before the weekend.

This isn't a new phenomenon or anything. In 2017, Chrissy Teigen lamented the lack of Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch as she took to Twitter to complain about the mobile title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, effectively kicking off a stretch of celebrity yearning.

Lil Nas X is clearly an Animal Crossing fan as well, as he joked about the upcoming game and the "panic" the adorable new Nintendo Switch game is causing.

The rapper also took to Instagram with a joke caption, asking if anyone wanted to play Animal Crossing. I think we all know the answer to that question.

Brie Larson has been yearning not only for the game, but the special edition Switch console as well, which was created to match the game with cool mint-toned Joy-Con controllers and a special dock.

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus even got his very own special edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch early as a gift from Nintendo. Looks like we all know what he'll be doing come the New Horizons release day.

Musician (and frequent Grimes collaborator) Hana couldn't contain her excitement over the fact that boyfriend BloodPop had secured one of the systems for her.

She also noted that she'd be streaming New Horizons daily, presumably on new said Switch.

As you can clearly see, Animal Crossing has the power to bring us all together. It's set to launch on Friday, March 20. We could all use a little sunshine during these trying times, so let the power of Nintendo's adorable sim wash over you.

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