Emma Watson Faces A Satanic Cult In This Terrifying 'Regression' Trailer

Accio terror.

Emma Watson has worn many hats and experimented with many genres since her "Harry Potter" days, but we've never seen her quite like she is in the "Regression" trailer: absolutely f--king terrifed.

But hey, from the looks of things, Emma's character Angela Gray has a pretty solid reason to be scared -- a Satanic cult reason. In the trailer, Ethan Hawke investigates sexual abuse charges Angela filed against her father, but as it turns out, the events from Angela's childhood might have a far more sinister twist than Angela could have ever imagined. Professor Lupin is brought in to unlock Angela's father's lost memories, and in doing so, seemingly puts Angela, Hawke's detective character, and Jasper from "The 100" in grave, demonic danger.

Also, it's important to note that "Regression" was directed by "The Others" helmer Alejandro Amenábar, so there's pretty solid chance that this movie will be really good.

"Regression" hits theaters on August 28.