50 Cent Really Wants To Be In A Marvel Superhero Movie

Fif says he wants to be a bad guy, but 'the kind you start to like.'

Sounds like 50 Cent wants art to imitate life. Or movies to imitate music, at least.

That's because Fif wants to play a "bad guy" in an upcoming Marvel superhero film, but "the kind you start to like," he told MTV News recently, giving a bit of a description of his musical career, as well.

"Because we all have a streak of a rebel in us, so you find yourself rooting for the bad guy at some point," he said. "The Joker was that in 'Batman.'"

Beyond that, he wants to play himself -- in "Star Wars." "There's so many good roles to play in 'Star Wars,' they can just let me walk by in the back," he joked.

50 also spoke on his work shooting "Spy," which stars Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statham, as well as his role in producing an upcoming movie on B.M.F.

Those projects are all a little ways down the line. What's not, though, is "The Prince," which the Queens rapper is appearing in alongside Bruce Willis, Jason Patric and John Cusack. A trailer for the film, which hits theaters on August 22, was released on Friday (June 27).

Hopefully we'll see 50 get his wish about that bad guy role soon.

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