'Remember Me' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know!

Anticipation has been high for Robert Pattinson's first major post-'Twilight' role.

After wrapping filming on "New Moon" in May 2009 and before beginning the shoot for "Eclipse" that August, Robert Pattinson headed to New York to shoot his first major post-"Twilight" role: [article id="1610058"]the lead in the romantic drama "Remember Me"[/article] opposite Emilie de Ravin of "Lost." He plays Tyler, a headstrong and slightly lost kid who falls in love with de Ravin's Ally, a college student from a much different cultural milieu.

Anticipation is high for the film (out Friday, March 12) as fans look forward to seeing Pattinson not only as a human rather than a vampire but also as part of an onscreen couple that doesn't include "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart. MTV News has been following every development of the production -- from casting moves to footage from the film to interviews with the stars -- and we've gathered it all together as part of our "Remember Me" cheat sheet. Here's everything you need to know before hitting the theater this weekend.

The City Never Sleeps

Pattinson arrived in New York just days after leaving the "New Moon" set and immediately caused a media frenzy. The craziness didn't stop until the shoot was over. Filming on location in the city streets, Pattinson was routinely mobbed by fans. There was even the [article id="1614301"]wild story[/article] -- unfounded, as it turned out -- that he'd been hit by a taxi while crossing the street.

"There were a lot of crazy moments where you're filming on location and you're waiting for people to get out of the shot," [article id="1629987"]de Ravin told MTV News[/article]. "You're taken out of your work mentality with hundreds of people watching you when you're just trying to figure out your scene."

Look At Me

Months later, as the hoopla surrounding the November release of "New Moon" ramped up, the first "Remember Me" trailer dropped online. This was Pattinson like we'd never seen him before: out with the golden eyes and the pale skin, in with an emotionally honest portrayal of a young New Yorker in love.

February brought yet [article id="1633041"]more peeks[/article] at the film's central couple: An exclusive clip of Pattinson and de Ravin at a fair and one of the two of them having dinner together, plus exclusive photos of the couple in bed and soaking wet in the shower. Of that shower scene, [article id="1632970"]Pattinson laughed to MTV[/article], "It's pretty forward for a second date!"

Never Forget

As the film's release rapidly approached, Pattinson and de Ravin returned to New York, giving MTV a chance for multiple chats with the pair. In an extensive sit-down interview, Rob and Emilie [article id="1632817"]spoke about their loves scenes[/article], being self-conscious about their acting, their similarities to their characters and much more.

Finally, the entire cast hit the frenetic red carpet for the film's gala premiere, where the paparazzi were going mad and Pattinson was doing his best to play it cool. As de Ravin explained, though, her co-star has no problem doing that both on- and off-camera.

"He's amazing," [article id="1632934"]she said[/article]. "He's fascinating to watch because he's so naturally subtle and interesting."

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