Fall Out Boy Leak New Track

Hip-shaking song -- reportedly called 'Carpal Tunnel of Love' -- won't be first single from February 6 album.

You've got to hand it to Fall Out Boy. Though several of their peers claim to be doing things "for the kids," you'd be hard pressed to find a group more connected to the scene than Pete Wentz and company.

Case in point: They chose to premiere a song (reportedly called "Carpal Tunnel of Love") from their upcoming album via an under-the-radar leak on punk site

Fall Out Boy's label, Island Records, had no idea the song had even been posted on the site. But a spokesperson for the band's management confirmed that, yes, the song was taken from FOB's hotly anticipated new album -- due February 6 -- but wouldn't verify the title. "Carpal Tunnel" was one of several songs Wentz mentioned when he spoke to MTV News about the new album last month (see [article id="1542719"]"Fall Out Boy Deliver New LP Details: Panic Cameo, Single On The Way"[/article]).

Whatever it's called, the new song should put fans -- nervous that the band had decided to work with producer Babyface -- at ease (see [article id="1513675"]"Fall Out Boy Want Babyface To Produce Their Next Album"[/article]). Clocking in at just under three and a half minutes, it's a prime slab of what the boys have become famous for: highly caffeinated pop-punk mixed with a little white-boy soul and some hard-core yelping.

Over a bed of Joe Trohman's crunchy guitars, frontman Patrick Stump bleats out the MySpace-approved missives ("We take sour sips/ From life's lush lips/ We shake, shake, shake the hips/ In relationships") and even gets to stretch his ever-growing falsetto on the chorus. At about the 2:15 mark, the whole thing collapses into a series of grrr-owly shouts (courtesy of bassist Wentz) and some cascading power chords, with drummer Andy Hurley pounding away in the background.

News of the leak first hit FOB's official message board this weekend, with pandemonium predictably ensuing (i.e. the board crashed). In the wake of the leak, reaction to the song is mixed -- with opinions ranging from "This is the bestest song ever! I cried when I heard it!" to "Wow. This is not good."

And though it leaked first, "Tunnel" will not be the first single from FOB's new album, according to an Island Records spokesperson. That honor will fall to a song called "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race," which the band will debut on the American Music Awards, airing Tuesday, November 21.

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