Tinder's New Update Makes It Wayyy Less Creepy

Safe swiping, everyone.

Tinder is no longer the Tinder you've grown to simultaneously love and hate. On Wednesday, Nov. 11, the app released an update that changes the way you'll swipe forever -- changes that are meant to "empower users to make even more meaningful connections," according to Tinder's blog.


If you know anything at all about Tinder, you know it's the most efficient way to find someone to hook up with. There are entire social media accounts -- see exhibit A, exhibit B and exhibit C as examples -- dedicated to documenting the corny pickup lines and sleazy comments that can happen when you swipe right. Fortunately, the new update introduces several features that make the dating/hookup app far less creepy and more appealing to those who are worried about feeling safe while swiping.

Here's a breakdown of the update:

Your employment and education info is now public.

The biggest change is that you can now see where people work and where they went to school as you swipe through your queue. This addition, Tinder's most-requested feature, significantly reduces the anonymity of arguably the most anonymous dating app in existence (aside from Craigslist's Missed Connections page, if that counts). This means users will be far less likely to send you unsolicited eggplant emojis, because now there's more accountability for what you say on the app. If someone messages you something vulgar, you know exactly who they are and who their employer is. And if you want to keep your work and education info private from fellow Tinderfellas and Tinderellas, manually remove it from your profile. When you update the app, it automatically imports this info from your Facebook.

You can choose a Tinder username and share your profile anywhere online.

Just like you have Twitter and Instagram handles you link out to on your website or whatever, now you can link out to your Tinder profile. You pick your username, then tweet out your profile so that the whole world can see it if, y'know, that's something you're into. Thankfully this feature is 100% optional, so you can keep your adventures in Tinderland private if you prefer.

You'll know when you've got something ~extra special~ in common with someone.

When you're mindlessly scrolling through your queue, it's easy to swipe past someone you've previously crossed paths with. Maybe you went to the same school or interned at the same company. Now Tinder will highlight these shared interests so that if you do match, you've got something in common to get the conversation started.



Moments are gone.

This was probably for the best, to be honest. Snapchat already has the look-at-this-cool-thing-I'm-doing-right-now humblebragging thing covered.

You can no longer see when a user has last logged on.

Again, this is probably for the best. Now you can't stalk your former or current flame to see if they're swiping away behind your back. It's always discouraging to go on an awesome date and then check their profile to see they logged on immediately after hanging out with you. Womp.

Other less earth-shattering but still useful changes include a revamped algorithm, a redesigned match list that makes it easier to see who you've recently matched with and the ability to search for and message your matches from your iPhone's home screen (but only if you've downloaded iOS 9).

These additions come after Tinder introduced the Super Like, aka the elusive *up* swipe, in September. It's a clearly a critical time for dating apps in general, since competitors like Hinge recently dropped an update that requires matches to message each other within 24 hours. Whatever app(s) you use, get your swiping thumbs ready.

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