Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Drops An After-Hours Banger With Steve Aoki

There's no time to sleep when you're busy dancing

Chug some coffee, because Lauren Jauregui and Steve Aoki's new song, "All Night," will keep you up, well, all night. This is Jauregui's fourth collaboration outside of Fifth Harmony, but it's her first time venturing into mainstream EDM. Her raspy voice stands out perfectly against the infectious beats Aoki's known for producing.

"These words were v special for me to write so I hope you enjoy looking at them in neon," Jauregui tweeted about the lyric video, released Friday (November 17).

"All Night," besides being a straight-up bop, proves Jauregui's got the vocal skills to move seamlessly between EDM, pop, and hip-hop. Her previous collab was a rap song with Ty Dolla $ign, while her work on Halsey's "Strangers" and Marian Hill's "Back To Me" veered more into synth-pop. Aoki seems like a natural next step in Jauregui's blossoming solo career, but the music she pens for 5H has a very different sound.

"We all really listen to a lot of that music, like R&B, urban music, we all really vibe with it," Jauregui told MTV News correspondent Meredith Graves about 5H's influences. "So I guess individually we all have, again, our own tastes — like particular tastes — but when we come together to write for Fifth Harmony, the common thread is our love for R&B music and urban music ... and pop music, so we really draw from that."