19 Rappers Who Love The 4th Of July So Much, They Rapped About It

Drake: 'Fireworks!'

The 4th of July is a great day to celebrate, so why not celebrate with rap?

You see, rappers like Drake, J. Cole, Jay Z and Iggy Azalea have been honoring the holiday - or at least referencing it - for years. Some of those raps have obviously been positive and others, well, not so much. But either way, these MCs recalled the imagery of the annual traditions and put it all in their rhymes.

And yes, there are 22 songs, from 19 different artists. Some rappers just love the holiday so much that they mentioned it on multiple tracks. Here's a look at some of those 4th of July references:

Drake On 'Fireworks'

"Yeah, this life is something I would die for / October's Own, but it's looking like July 4 / I just wish they'd let you try it first / This time I'm really going off, fireworks."

Migos' Quavo On 'John Wick'

"And you don't want the two to mix / Have a 4th of July on the 6th."

Migos' Quavo On 'Pop That'

"She make an Impala look like the 4th of July / She know I got millions, no need to lie."

Wiz Khalifa On 'Stayin Out All Night'

"The bottles be poppin’ like its 4th of July / We just pourin’ them shots, back shooting corks in the sky / Pouring some for the girls, and pouring more for my guys."

Juelz Santana On 'Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley'

"Hit the club, ordered bottles, see the sparks in the sky / We'll have this whole bitch lookin' like the 4th of July."

DMX On 'Let Me Fly'

"No meow, 'cause it's all about the bark / Let the dog loose, baby, it's about to spark / Light up the night, like the 4th of July."

Iggy Azalea On 'My World'

"Bottles over here, more 'til I die / Sparkle, every bottle, see the glare in my eye / Turn over here, it's the 4th of July."

J. Cole On 'All I Want Is You'

"I hit the club when you left me, thinking that could heal sh-t / Tryin' to celebrate my Independence Day, Will Smith / Baby girl who I’m kidding? Still sick."

Big K.R.I.T. On 'Multi Til The Sun Die'

"If need be, I'll die for it / My plane could crash and burn but I'd fly for it / Fight the power, raise my fist in the sky for it / I'll put my brothers on, divide the pie for it / Then get it popping like the 4th of July for it."

Lloyd Banks On 'G'd Up'

"Round here n----s die off hydro / And even when it ain't 4th of July, it sound like pyro."

Tupac On 'Souljah's Revenge'

"I pack a nine millimeter 'cause I gotta / Livin' hotter than the 4th of July, if I gotta die, I gotta."

Future On 'Mark McGwuire'

"I’m poppin’ bottles, n---a, like it’s the 4th of July."



"The bottle's on fire like the 4th of July."


"Like the 4th of July, I'm tryin' to reach my peak."

Bun B On 'I'm A Pimp'

"Lit your world up like the 4th of July, nobody knew why."

Yasiin Bey On 'Next Universe'

"Light up the sky like the 4th of July / Everything in this life, son it got two sides."

Talib Kweli On 'Lightworks'

"Sparkling like fireworks when we light up the sky / We independent like the 4th of July."

Talib Kweli On 'Joy'

"It was 1996, 4th of July / Looking off in the sky / Dealing with thoughts inside / When something caught my eye."

Redman On 'Winicumuhround'

"Blow sh-t up like 4th of July with half sticks."

King Los On 'Versace'

"Yeah I'm comin' with the force / I just done this for the 4th / Light fireworks of my own / Fire verse from the dome."

Lauryn Hill On 'Every Ghetto, Every City'

"Writing my friends' names on my jeans with a marker / July 4th races outside Parker / Fireworks at Martin Stadium."

Jay Z On 'Why I Love You'

"And they want me dead, I’m sorry but I just can’t die for you / But I can make 'em put their hands in the sky for you / We waiting for the fireworks like July 4th."