In Defense Of Theo James' Hotness

Because the 'Insurgent' star is really hot and we need to talk about it.

It's a truth universally acknowledged that to be a YA heroine's love interest, you have to be insanely hot. And like Edward Cullen, Peeta Mellark and Augustus Waters before him, Tobias "Four" Eaton" is undoubtedly swoon-worthy. And we have Theo James -- and one freakin' brilliant casting director -- to thank for that.

As "Insurgent'"s lead dude, James is obviously easy on the eyes, and with an IRL name like Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis, you know he has to be classy AF. Not only is the handsome Brit incapable of taking a bad photo with that cheeky smirk, but he's one of the few celebs we think can totally rock that weird beard trend that currently plaguing Hollywood.

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However, some of my colleagues at MTV News (who will remain nameless for their own safety) don't agree with my assessment of James' hotness. In fact, they don't think he's very hot at all. Clearly, they're wrong, and these photos prove it:

Oh hey, Theo.

Getty Images

Theo James Smirk

Everything okay, bb?

Getty Images

Theo James Lip Bite

You look a little worried.

Getty Images

Theo James Brow

No need for side-eye, boo.

Getty Images

Theo James Side Eye

We could get lost in those eyes.

I know you're hot.

Getty Images

Theo James Leather Jacket Plaid

You make even the rainiest days warm and bright.

Getty Images

Theo James Rain

With your gorgeous face.

So give your haters a nice smile.

Getty Images

Theo James Smile

Because you're f--king hot.

Getty Images

Theo James Dapper AF

Even when you're off the clock!

Getty Images

Theo James After Work

And when you're confused.

Getty Images

Theo James Confused

Yep. Still hot.

Be proud of your hotness, Theo.

Getty Images

Hipster Theo James


Oh, and you're a damn fine actor, too.

Getty Images

Theo James Tan

I have your back 'til the end, Theo.

Theo James Gif