Former Men At Work Guitarist Ordered Jailed

Former Men at Work guitarist Ron Strykert was ordered jailed for failure to pay court ordered child support in his adopted home state of Montana.

AP reports that Strykert, who now belongs to a religious cult in that State, was jailed for 24 hours by a Montana judge for contempt of court. Strykert's ex-wife Janka Thomas lives with their two children on welfare in Australia. Strykert owes $38,000 in a property settlement and $8000 in overdue support payments.

The judge noted that Stykert had recently received a $26,000 royalty payment and said that the money was spent by his current wife, and "that doesn't fly." Strykert, who left the band in 1990 to join the Church Universal and Triumphant, told the judge he will mortgage his $250,000 home. The former lead guitarist lives in a housing development established by the church. He no longer performs or even owns any equipment -- the new-age sect reportedly bans rock music.

Men At Work, meanwhile, toured Brazil last year

with original members Colin Hay and Greg Ham and other replacement players. A live album from the tour has been issued in South America but has not been released elsewhere. The Aussie band is best known for its hits "Who Can It Be Now," and "Down Under.

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