Christina Aguilera Is Poisonous In Video With Missy Elliott

Singer animated as jellyfish in 'Car Wash' clip from 'Shark Tale.'

Christina Aguilera has a bit of a sting in her next video -- she's animated as a jellyfish for her remake of the disco classic "Car Wash" with Missy Elliott for the "Shark Tale" soundtrack.

Elliott is animated as well, as a tuna fish whose face bears a striking resemblance to her own. Aguilera's marine-life clone is a little less obvious. She becomes a Rastafarian jellyfish who has only a few of the singer's features. Both were animated for the movie and appear in a closing-scene musical number that features the two performing their cover of Rose Royce's 1976 hit as the credits roll. (Check out the song and the rest of the soundtrack in our online album preview.)

"It's kind of a big-ending celebration scene," Aguilera said. "The fishes are doing a whole dance, they're getting down at this point in the movie. It's very, very cute. It's very, very funny."

In the music video, scenes from the movie -- including Will Smith's fast-talking fish Oscar giving the two musicians call-outs -- are paired with footage of the two singers recording in the studio.

Those two worlds don't collide when water appears to fill up Aguilera's recording booth and bubbles containing animated characters percolate throughout the clip. Renée Zellweger's angel fish, Angie; Angelina Jolie's dragon fish, Lola; Martin Scorsese's puffer fish, Sykes; Jack Black's great white shark, Lenny; and Ziggy Marley's Rastafarian jellyfish, DJ Ernie, float in, as do scenes illustrating the song's lyrics, most notably the "whale wash" that's probably the closest thing to a car wash these fish will ever see.

"Shark Tale" hits theaters October 1, while the soundtrack -- which also features songs by Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake and Will Smith -- is due out September 27. The "Car Wash" video premieres Monday on "TRL."

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