7 'Teen Wolf' Questions We Need Answered ASAP

The Season 5 premiere left us hungry for (much) more!

Now that the two-part "Teen Wolf" Season 5 premiere is finito (so much madness), there's quite a bit to discuss: The new kid in town is clearly cray, killer doctors are on the loose, Lydia is mysteriously strapped to a gurney, and Scott and his friends seem more concerned about where they're going to go to college than keeping the Beacon Hills baddies at bay. Hel-lo? Where's a werewolf hero when you need him?

Here are a few of our burning questions:

Where on Earth is Peter Hale?



The former top dog remains bitter about Scott's True Alpha status, and last we saw, Peter was trapped in Eichen House alongside a slew of other supernatural threats. Yet he's mysteriously MIA.

What is Theo's deal?


He remembers very specific details from fourth grade that only Scott would know, but Stiles is skeptical nonetheless. His sister mysteriously died shortly before he and his family left town, and he was bit while skateboarding in a neighbor's abandoned pool. Oh, and there's also one other small detail: He's holding a middle-aged couple captive and goes around breaking bones when he gets angry.

What's going on with those blue talons?



The sharpies nearly stripped Scott of his power (gasp!), and according to Dr. Deaton, they belong to a harpy eagle. The creature appeared to be on a kill-Scott mission from the Dread Doctors, which leads us to...

Who are the Dread Doctors, and what do they want?



They claim their time is limited, appear to both manufacture and hire supernaturals to "remove the obstacles" and definitely don't allow second chances if you eff up. Series creator Jeff Davis also provided a bit of insight, saying, "Our new masked villains, they have their own new mythology. They're inspired by a variety of things from history, including German scientists from World War II and plague doctors [from the Middle Ages]. What I can say about them is, they are scientists who worship the supernatural, and they have very bad, nefarious plans for the town of Beacon Hills." Benefactor who?

What's up with all the dead ravens?

They flew out of the taloned creature's chest after the Dread Doctors had their way with him... and now the black birds are haunting the students of BHHS. Mega creepy.

Why is Lydia strapped to a bed like a crazy person?



Not only is our favorite banshee held prisoner in Eichen House, she's hallucinating past loves and suffering from gut-wrenching flashbacks of her seemingly dead friends. Suffice it to say, we're really, really worried about Lydia. And Stiles. And everyone.

Can we get to the bottom of Parrish's supernatural powers already?


He was unaware that he had any special powers whatsoever until very recently and consistently evades death and self-destruction. And while we're at it, WHAT'S GOING ON BETWEEN LYDIA AND PARRISH?!

+ WE NEED ANSWERS. Hypothesize in the comments, please -- and be sure to catch a brand-new episode on Monday at 10/9c!

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