Scan, Unlock And Go N’Syde Jay Z And Mariah’s World With Butterfly And 40/40 Drinks

Hov and Mimi share exclusive content, right on your phone.

Holograms are all the rage these days (most recently, Michael Jackson made a cameo at the Billboard Music Awards), and the next frontier will be available right on your smart phone. Former Def Jam CEO, Kevin Liles, has teamed up with Jay Z and Mariah Carey to debut two Go N’Syde drinks –- the 40/40 and Butterfly, respectively –- that allow customers to scan the bottle and view exclusive content at any given moment.

"You’ve seen Elvis holograms, you’ve seen Mariah, of course Tupac and the latest is Michael Jackson, but those are moments that only happen one at a time," Liles told MTV News. "With Go N’Syde, an artist like Mariah can program this every day. She could say, 'Hey I just got out of the studio, why don’t you go inside Butterfly with me right now?' And then you'll see her studio."


"We’re really creating it so that you get a real Mariah Carey life experience, by scanning the bottle and going inside," he added. "So when you purchase a bottle you have an antenna into Jay Z or Mariah's network, and that's what’s so exciting about it."

Mariah's Butterfly drink has a light fruity flavor, while Jay's 40/40 tastes like an updated spin on the Arnold Palmer. The drinks is currently available in 7, 500 Duane Reade and Walgreens stores this summer.

So, did Liles, who currently manages artists like Big Sean, have a hard time getting Mimi and Hov on board? "Here are two icons I’ve worked with for over 20 years and they understand my craziness," he said. "They understand and trust that we can deliver something special to consumers in an engaging way."

"This is similar to me selling Adidas with Big Sean, for example, but we added a technology piece to it. It's innovative and fun, because we are changing the perception of what a packaged good is. And this is only the beginning."


"My hope is to take this technology and put it on anything," Liles revealed. "You can put it on a stop sign, you can put it on a Pepsi or Coke can on a Budweiser can. People can copy augmented reality, but they can’t copy the technology because there is no scan code, bar code or old fixture, it’s something we can place on top of anything."

Liles and his team ran through about 40 different flavors before nailing down the right taste, and you can expect more varieties to come. In addition to that, look out for a lot more exclusive content from your favorite artists on the bottles. Just scan, and enjoy.

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