Jamie Dornan And Dakota Johnson Just Filmed 'Fifty Shades Darker's' Most Cringe-Worthy Scene

It's fifty shades of fucked up.

When Eric Johnson joined the cast of Fifty Shades Darker as Ana's handsome new boss Jack Hyde, we told you the dude was bad news. No, not Johnson; we're talking about the mysterious Mr. Hyde.

In Fifty Shades Darker, Jack starts off as a nice enough guy, but he quickly turns into a manipulative psycho who begins romantically pursuing Ana in the most unromantic ways. Not only does he basically confess to hiring her only because he wanted to bone her, but he also tells her that he's "entitled" to her gratitude. Yeah... he's the worst. But things eventually reach unspeakable levels of fucked up when he tries to blackmail her into having sex with him. Ana (rightfully) knees him in the balls, breaks his finger, and runs out of the building -- and straight into the arms of Christian Grey.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are currently filming the emotional scene on the Vancouver set of Fifty Shades Darker. In photos taken today (March 2) from the set, Ana is clearly distraught in Christian's arms.

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Dakota Johnson upset

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Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

The scene culminates with a furious Christian telling Ana to get in the car -- an Audi, of course -- so that he can go kick Jack's smug ass. As it turns out, Christian and Jack go way back to Mr. Grey's foster home days.

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Dakota Johnson rushes into the arms of Jamie Dornan on set of Fifty Shades Darker in Vancouver!

In the book, Ana deploys her ultimate weapon to get Christian to stay: "Don’t leave me on my own."

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Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Car

So, instead, Christian gets Jack's ass fired. Because Christian Grey can do anything, apparently. "I’m going to ruin his career so he can’t take advantage of young women anymore, miserable excuse for a man that he is," Christian says in the elevator. Ummm pot, meet kettle?