This Is What A 'Maze Runner,' 'Hunger Games' & 'Divergent' Mash-Up Looks Like

'SNL' made our YA-adaptation dreams come true.

From the director of "The Maze Runner," a producer of "Divergent" and a casual fan of "The Giver" comes the latest film adaptation of a young-adult novel you don't want to miss. OK, actually it's a parody trailer that aired on last night's (October 11) episode of "Saturday Night Live," but come on. Play along.

This post-apocalyptic movie finds Pete Davidson thrown into the Meadow Fields on Category Day, where Sorties are sorted into groups like the Emotionals, the Foodies, the Hasidics and the House of Gryffindor. Elsewhere, the Lurkies, um, lurk in a bunch of super-lurky places.

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Adapted from a YA novel written entirely in the comments section of a "Hunger Games" trailer, "The Group Hopper" sees Davidson as Thehero, or "The Hero," rising up against a horned and heavily made-up Bill Hader (à la Effie Trinket meets Maleficent), as he leads a group of fellow young adults to safety with the power of his Zoomerang necklace.

"The Group Hopper," coming never to a theater near no one.

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