Meet Paula 'Walnuts' Beckert's Son Atlas!

The 'Rivals II' champ is showing off the little guy who's already stolen her heart.

Mount Othrys has its newest tenant!

After announcing she was pregnant in February and marrying Jack Beckert in April, "Rivals II" champ Paula "Walnuts" Beckert gave birth to her own little Titan last week. And it's safe to say the championship "Challenge" check is now, at best, the second most valuable thing in her house.

"I am proud to introduce our little man...Atlas:) He's pure perfection and has stolen our hearts," the new mom tweeted this weekend with a pair of photos. She added of Atlas' apparent joy: "It's either gas or a real smile...I prefer the second option." Think the little guy's a Huggies or Pampers lad?

Paula Beckert's Instagram


Still, as is the case with plenty of new parents, motherhood hasn't been a cakewalk for Paula. "Being a new mom is a whole different kind of tired #nosleep #eatsleeppoop," she tweeted. We can only imagine the manpower it takes to feed a verifiable Titan!

Check out the first chapter of Atlas Beckert's baby book, and be sure to send your congratulations to Paula and Jack!