9 Reasons 'Lizzie McGuire' Fans Will Love Hilary Duff's Newest Character

Kelsey Peters brings style, sarcasm, and scandal to <i>Younger</i>

Over 15 years ago, Disney Channel launched Hilary Duff to household name status when Lizzie McGuire came out. She was the adorably awkward, infinitely relatable teenager every girl growing up in the early 2000s wanted to befriend.

Eighteen movies and five albums later, the talented actress turned pop star is back on the small screen in TV Land's Younger. [Note: TV Land and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.] She plays Kelsey Peters, a twentysomething book editor with a best friend who's lying about her age and a boyfriend who's petty like Kate Sanders and hot like Ethan Craft.

The show was just renewed for Season 4, a whole three months before its Season 3 premiere on September 28. This gives you ample time to catch up on the 24 episodes you missed! Here's why Younger is worth binge-watching with no pants on.

Kelsey is an R-rated version of Lizzie

TV Land


Remember that Lizzie episode where Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo sneak into Kate's birthday party, hosted by her older cousin and "unacceptable chaperone" Amy? Upon arrival, they're freaked out by the college bros breaking lamps and the horny kids making out in the closet. So they call Lizzie's mom, who promptly shows up to end the debauchery.

Yeah, Kelsey is basically Amy 10 years down the road. (Fun fact: Duff's older sister, Haylie, played Amy!)

Her friendships are bulletproof

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Lizzie and Miranda had their hiccups, sure, but they were true BFFs. Kelsey finds the same friendship and support in Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), who once removed her DivaCup because I guess that's what friends are for?

She has her own lingo

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"Hey dawg, what's the dilly-o?" "Take a chill pill, parents." "I’m outtie!"

Lizzie McGuire blessed us with some great catchphrases, and Younger's dialogue is just as quotable.

She's a feminist

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Taylor Swift

As The Cheetah Girls once famously said, "Girl power!"

She tells it like it is

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Once upon a time, Lizzie was the shy seventh grader who couldn't deal with "conflict" -- Miranda's exact words -- and confront Kate about accidentally telling the whole school about her bra-stuffing habit.

Now Kelsey is all grown-up and doesn't have time for that passive bullshit. She's fierce when it comes to her publishing job, and her bosses reward her for it.

You'll still want to cop her style

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You once envied Lizzie's butterfly clips and Miranda's colorful hair extensions. Now you'll drool over Kelsey's statement jewelry and perfectly tailored pencil skirts.

The guys are hot

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Nico Tortorella is Josh the hunky tattoo artist. Dan Amboyer is Thad the douchey boyfriend. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

The hookups are hotter

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That kiss on the cheek Lizzie gave Gordo at the end of eighth grade was cute. There are no such pecks on Younger. Kelsey raises the stakes by, well, breaking a lot of rules. (I don't want to ruin it with spoilers!)

Episodes are perfect for binge-watching


OK, this one has less to do with Duff and more to do with logistics. Deciding to binge-watch a new show is quite the time commitment, so it's great each Younger episode clocks in at around 20 minutes. This is enough time to unwind, but it doesn't take a huge hour-long chunk out of your day.

You'll blow through the first two seasons before you know it, and then you'll be pining for September and Season 3 like everyone else. So get watching!