Lupe Fiasco Wants Kid Cudi’s ‘Ass Beat’ And It Has Little To Do With Drake

‘You pushing what you THINK you know about this dude...I'm acting what i KNOW’

We’ve just turned the page on the latest chapter in the Kid Cudi versus Drake versus Maybe Kanye etc. saga, and Lupe Fiasco is diving into the fray — but the bad blood flowing in his case isn’t exactly from new wounds.

After Drake released “Two Birds, One Stone” and outrage ensued over bars aimed at Kid Cudi and his ongoing struggle with and treatment of depression, Fiasco took to the medium of choice for picking at old wounds — Twitter — and rehashed his issues with Cudi.

He initially laughed off Cudi’s reaction to the track, and when fans, understandably, blew up his mentions asking him why he was getting involved, he answered all of their questions and more.

Turns out, the Fiasco versus Cudi tension has some gnarly roots that started with Cudi calling Fiasco a “thief” over charging money for a verse on a track back in 2014, and for Fiasco, Cudi’s current personal troubles don’t excuse him from drama they’ve faced in the past.

Even still, Fiasco makes a point to clarify that this isn’t about taking advantage of the place where Cudi’s at, and he’s not mocking him for seeking out help:

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