Lizzo Danced 'On' The Audience In Legendary Flute-Centric 'Juice' Performance

Plus, "Cuz I Love You" is out in April

The glitz and glam of Lizzo’s performance of “Juice” on Ellen on Tuesday (January 29) will require you to put on some shades before trying to view it. The singer graced Ellen’s audience with the first live television performance of the song – from her upcoming album Cuz I Love You, which she announced Monday – and what a performance it was.

Lizzo’s confidence was on full spectacle at the beginning of the performance as she strode onto the stage in a hot-pink robe and bedazzled corset. She created a magical moment as she made her way through the crowd while rapping and singing, taking the time to drop dance moves on audience members. She then returned to stage to play a flute solo using the aptly named instrument, Sasha Flute.

The sheer mix of funk and energy on screen at any given moment over the course of the near-four minute stage parade amounted to one of Ellen’s best performances of all time. If the YouTube thumbnail looks this good, imagine how it looked live.

“Juice” will appear on Lizzo’s upcoming album Cuz I Love You, due out on April 19. She announced the LP along with plans to launch an accompanying North American tour to kick off during that month. Lizzo released the video for “Juice,” directed by Quinn Wilson, earlier this month and talked to MTV News about how it came together. Find that interview below after you watch her legendary "Juice" performance above.

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