Ellie Goulding Literally Rides A Horse Through A Casino In Her ‘On My Mind’ Video

Ellie just hit the jackpot with this video.

Ellie Goulding's "On My Mind" video has basically everything you've ever wanted: money, action, Las Vegas and horses.

Let me explain.

Ellie kicks it off sitting in a hotel room with what we assume is her not-so-nice boyfriend, who starts screaming at her as she stoically stares at the camera. Bad move for this guy, because Ellie seeks her revenge in the best way possible.

The singer then hooks up with her partner in crime, played by actress Cristina Squyres, as they casually ride straight into a Las Vegas casino on their horses looking like total badasses. Not sure if this a regular thing in Vegas, since the doorman opened the door for them like no big deal and fellow casino goers didn't even bat an eye. Then again, what happens in Vegas...

"I had that lightbulb moment of 'let's go to Vegas,' and I wanted to do something kind of badass 'Thelma & Louise' style and I found the perfect girl to go in the video with me and she did it so well," Ellie recently told us. "There are some really explosive scenes. It's almost like a mini film, it's pretty epic."

Epic is clearly an understatement. I mean, there's a horse in a salon:

MTV | Emilee Lindner


The video, which was directed by Emil Nava (Calvin Harris' "Outside" and "I Need Your Love"), shows Ellie and her friend riding up unexpectedly on her man, who works in the casino, as they tie him up and take his cash.

The clip ends with the two girls literally riding into the sunset as they make it rain all along the strip. Clearly, they just hit the jackpot.

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