Nikki Reed Gushes About 'Twilight' Co-Stars' Upcoming Projects

'We all root for each other,' she tells MTV News.

Ever since the first "Twilight" film was released -- kicking off the phenomenon that has included record-breaking box-office numbers, fainting fans, megawatt premieres, etc. -- the suddenly superstar cast has been catapulted into a spotlight none of them saw coming. As such, the actors are very much in demand and currently working on a number of projects.

When Nikki Reed stopped by MTV News recently to discuss her film "Last Day of Summer," we asked her which of her co-stars' upcoming films she's most excited to see.

"All of them," she said. "I love Taylor [Lautner] so much, and I'm so proud of him and what he's doing. He's making a great movie in Pittsburgh right now," she said, referring to the John Singleton-directed action thriller "Abduction."

"I'm excited about Rob [Pattinson]'s movie 'Water for Elephants,' " she added. "I think he's going to be phenomenal in that, and Kristen [Stewart] is doing an amazing film ['On the Road']. Elizabeth Reaser just did a movie called 'Homework' with Michael Angarano, who's a really good friend of mine, and Emma Roberts that I'm excited about."

Reed and her co-stars have so many projects going that she was hard-pressed to remember everyone's work schedule. "We all root for each other," she said.

Speaking of which, the multi-talented and multi-tasking actress, who recently directed Sage's music video for "Edie Sedgwick," lit up at our question about whether she would consider directing a music video for her co-star Jackson Rathbone's band, 100 Monkeys.

"Would I ever! Jackson and I are on the phone every other day, because we're trying to find a movie to do together. I forgot to mention him -- his band is skyrocketing. It's amazing," she gushed. "I would be honored. I don't want to take the position: 'Would I ever.' If he would ever let me, yeah. I love them."

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