Improve The Ocean While You're Swimming In It By Wearing This Magical Bikini

Your bikini bod can save the world.

As "one biggest global killers" impacting over 100 million people, fighting pollution is often easier said than done. Thanks to a team of engineers and an innovative architecture and design firm, keeping the ocean clean is now as easy as jumping in it. You just have wear the right kind of bathing suit.

According to the University of California, Riverside, the award-winning material known as the Sponge, is a bikini made out of reusable material derived from heated sucrose (a form of sugar). After originally developing the "sponge" material about four years ago to clean up oil and chemical spills, they found that it had the ability to repel water while absorbing pollutants.

Sponge Suit wasn't created until the UCR team partnered Eray Carbajo, an architecture firm that developed the idea and design for turning it into a bikini.

“This is a super material that is not harmful to the environment and very cost effective to produce,” said Mihri Ozkan, an electrical engineering professor at UC Riverside, of the additional benefits. The bikinis can even be made with a 3D-printer. Plus, they look pretty sick:

H/T Pixable