Watch Bea Miller Turn A Bedroom Angst-Fest Into A Rager In 'Fire N Gold'

Can we get an invite?

Ever sat in your bedroom, surrounded by photos, and just had a little angst-out? That's what I thought. MTV Artist To Watch Bea Miller is totally right there with you -- but in the world of her "Fire N Gold" music video, said angst-out rapidly turns into a cathartic dance party.

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The video -- which premiered exclusively Tuesday (May 19) on -- opens with a bed scattered with Polaroid photos, snaps that Bea told us she largely took herself. All alone, Bea shifts through the pictures, singing sweetly, "Like an astronaut that's scared of heights/ With a heart that's beating at the speed of light" -- then the beat picks up, Bea starts pacing and more and more people emerge from the shadows.

It all culminates in a kind of moshpit of smiling dancers, spinning as Bea sings, "We were born with fire and gold in our eyes."

“It’s reminding all the people who are really down in the dumps and who feel like they’re alienated and like no one understands them and they’re really alone that they do have a purpose in life and that they are here for a reason,” Bea told MTV News of the song. “Even if they can’t see, I can.”

I know you do, lady! Now... how can I get in on that dance party?

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