Finneas's Dancing Lights Up The Skyline In 'Let's Fall In Love For The Night'

He told MTV News about his charming new video and upcoming debut album

For someone who calls himself a bad dancer, Finneas sure loves to be around choreo-minded people.

On Thursday (March 19), the singer-songwriter released the video for "Let's Fall In Love For The Night," the latest single off his 2019 EP, Blood Harmony. If you saw his previous visuals for "Shelter" and "I Lost a Friend," this one might look a little familiar. The three vids are not so much thematically intertwined as they are aesthetically connected, he told MTV News over the phone this week, and chief among the similarities are the settings (outside, at dusk) and the supporting cast (suited-up interpretative dancers).

Most impressively, though, all three are shot in one continuous, ambitious take. For "Let's Fall" — in which Finneas and his gang of dancers perform on a downtown L.A. rooftop — he estimates he filmed about nine or ten takes on the day, alongside director Sam Bennett and choreographer Monika Felice Smith. The most difficult part of that, he explained, is beginning the scene on a little perch where he strums a ukulele, then running behind the camera to get to the other side of it, only to have to reenter the frame looking totally chill and like he didn't just break a sweat sprinting over there. The rest of the vid is similarly movement-focused, with Finneas showing off some fancy footwork before ending up back on his perch, crooning the extended outro of the song that's inspired by a girl he daydreams of being with, if only for the night.

"Let's Fall In Love For The Night" was released in October 2018, a full year and a half ago, but it's having its biggest moment now. As the single edges its way up the Alternative Songs chart and continues to impact radio, Finneas likens the sensation to Lizzo's "Truth Hurts," though on a much smaller scale. It's "strange but cool" to see how an old favorite has continued to make waves so long after its release, but it ultimately fuels his desire to turn the page on past material. "I want people to hear that next chapter," he said.

To that end, Finneas has already written a bunch of music for his forthcoming debut album, and he's even started recording a bit. Getting far into this album, and on his sister Billie Eilish's second one, are big priorities for him — especially considering that, like most of us, he finds himself with a little more free time than usual these days. Finneas and Eilish were on tour just last week, but they returned home after playing three shows due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Eilish's Where Do We Go? Tour is now being rescheduled (Finneas puts the emphasis on "rescheduled," not "canceled"), and he's keeping his spirits high by vowing to use this time to work on new music.

Indeed, all these forced days spent indoors might creatively rejuvenate a lot of artists who may use the time to create new projects or make headway on existing ones — Finneas predicts, "I think we're going to see a lot of new music in 2021." As for his own debut, you can expect entirely original songs; he wants the seven tracks on Blood Harmony to live solely on that project. He compares it to Eilish's Don't Smile At Me EP, and the way those songs existed on their own outside of her subsequent debut album. Similarly, that aesthetic connection among Finneas's three recent music videos will be specific to the Blood Harmony era. (Sorry, interpretative dancing fans.)

But before we find out what that new chapter might sound and look like, "Let's Fall In Love For The Night" is finally here for our viewing pleasure. Check out the charming video above, and see it all day long on mtvU, MTV Live, and MTV International.

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