Here’s Why You Never, EVER Fall Asleep On Quentin Tarantino’s Film Sets

If you do, be prepared to meet Big Jerry.

Falling asleep on the job is one of the easiest ways for you to appear unprofessional and immature to your employers. Well, unless you work at Google and rest in one of those dope nap pods.

Usually, you'd just get a stern talking-to by your boss if you're caught sleeping during the work day, but when you're on Quentin Tarantino's film sets, you better be awake from call time to wrap time. If not, you're probably going to meet Big Jerry — and trust me, you don't want that.

Actor Tim Roth told Seth Meyers, "If you fall asleep on set, the camera crew are ready for you. They've got Big Jerry in a bag." But what is Big Jerry, you ask? Well, it's definitely not a large carton of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, that's for sure. To put it bluntly, Big Jerry is a big ol' dildo. And a purple one at that, according to Roth.

Should you fall asleep on set, you'll eventually wake up to find photos of yourself with Big Jerry on a Board of Shame. So? Just take it off the board, you're probably thinking, right? Wrong.

"If you take that down angrily, [the photo] gets bigger," Roth admitted. "The Hateful Eight" star also revealed that some poor sap on "Django Unchained" was so furious about the photo, it was eventually screen printed on shirts worn by the crew. Ouch.

Watch the full clip below. And remember, you've been warned. ??

H/T Entertainment Weekly