It's A 'Dark Psychic Force': The Best Memes From The Democratic Primary Debate

From the Star-Spangled Banner to apparent spellcasting

By Lauren Rearick

After a month-long vacation from hilarious memes and social media-induced night-terrors involving presidents in bathrobes, Twitter officially welcomed back the Democratic presidential hopefuls for the second round of primary debates. Things got underway on Tuesday, July 30, when the first of ten candidates took to the stage in Detroit, Michigan, to share their planned policies, and even some dance moves. The following debate night on Wednesday, July 31, the Internet came prepared with memes inspired by Arthur and an officially appointed new daddy.

See you back here on September 12 for round three.

On Wednesdays, We Debate

Wednesday night’s debate included plenty of speaking time for Senator Kamala Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden, and the rest of the candidates seemed eager to get their turn.

It’s OK to scream.

It’s perfectly normal if the continued shouting and constant back and forth left you feeling like Meryl Streep in Big Little Lies.

Is 2019 the Year of Malarkey? 

For one brief — and we mean very brief — moment, Biden made the word malarkey seem socially acceptable to drop in everyday conversation.

Biden Got a Bad Grade

It’s unclear what Biden’s gaze was directed at when he looked down during this debate moment, but it reminded one person of the long face that accompanies an unexpected bad grade.

The Debate as Described by Arthur

Speaking time limits? The candidates apparently never heard of them.

Barack Obama is a Friend to All

Biden made frequent references to his work with everyone’s best friend, President Barack Obama.

Tulsi on Kamala

The evening included plenty of burns between the presidential nominee hopefuls, including Tulsi Gabbard’s continued questioning of Senator Harris’s past policies.

Jay Inslee Is Daddy

Explanation not necessary. Send tweet.

Who really knows the words to the “Star-Spangled Banner?”

Stepping into the debate spotlight is nerve-wracking enough, and as some candidates demonstrated, singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” proved even more challenging.

Marianne Williamson Cast a Spell On Viewers

Is it possible that the entirety of tonight’s debate was all a magical illusion staged by Marianne Williamson?

We’ve All Been There, Tim Ryan

The evening wasn’t complete without Twitter picking up on the unexpected look of terror expressed by Tim Ryan.

No One Told Us Jerry Seinfield Was Attending

For one brief moment, Marianne Williamson helped Seinfield temporarily return to television.

Pete Buttgieg Had a Very Important Message

Forget foreign policy, Pete Buttgieg apparently had another topic to discuss: his age.

And Now a Dance Break

Phew, that’s certainly a lot to catch up on. Thank goodness we had Bernie Sanders on hand to provide us with a dance break.

The Great Elizabeth Warren and John Delaney Face Off

Technically, 10 different democratic candidates were on stage: But the most epic and meme-worthy showdown might have been There were plenty of meme-worthy moments to be had during Tuesday evening’s debate, including an epic showdown between Elizabeth Warren and John Delaney.

Dark Psychic Force

Forget the upcoming It sequel, the scariest thing coming our way is apparently a dark psychic force.

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