President Obama Just Gave Islamophobia The Middle Finger In The Most Diplomatic Way Possible

Bye, haters -- literally.

The story of Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old Muslim American who was arrested and suspended from school after teachers claimed the clock he made was a "hoax bomb," has been making Internet rounds today. The incident -- and the conversation around it -- has inspired the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed, which is trending nationwide and throughout the world.

It seems Ahmed's ever-growing group of supporters has gained another member -- the President of the United States. He took to Twitter to send the Texas teen a supportive message, even inviting him to the White House:

Many people on and offline have commented on the incident, citing it as an example of flagrant Islamophobia. In a subtle, brilliant way, the President's tweet sends a profound message: genius deserves to be celebrated -- not punished.

Also, can you even read that tweet without weeping? BRB, I need a new computer, as the tears have saturated my keyboard.

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