Ariana Grande Invites You To 'Christmas & Chill' On New EP

Holidays are for hooking up, according to Ari.

Forget Netflix & Chill — this holiday season, Ariana Grande’s inviting her fans to Christmas & Chill. Which, yes, is a more seasonally-appropriate take on the tired hookup slang, but rest assured the new EP is filled with festive flirtation.

After endlessly teasing fans on social media, the “Focus” singer released a six-song EP on Thursday (Dec. 17) as a follow-up to her 2014 single “Santa Tell Me” and 2013’s Christmas Kisses EP. Each track clocks in at no more than three minutes, but it’s immediately repeat-worthy, thanks to the sultry vibes that’ll make you want to snuggle with bae next to the fireplace.

Check out our track-by-track breakdown of Christmas & Chill below:


Kicking things off is a minute-long intro that sets the mood: “I just want to welcome you to Christmas” Ari purrs over a snap-filled beat.

“Wit It This Christmas”

Ariana named this R&B-flavored track her favorite one off the EP, and it’s easy to see why. The playful lyrics take seasonal cliches and turn them into clever sexual innuendos: “Are you down for some of these milk and cookies?” and “I’m the only drum that you’re gonna play” are simply irresistible.


Oh, Ariana… such a generous girl you are. “Whatever’s on your list, I’ll do it,” she promises a lucky fella. Remember, folks: this season’s all about giving. Interpret that any way you please.

“Not Just For One Christmas”

This gorgeous, strings-filled ballad is bright, merry and light, as Ariana assures a special someone she’ll celebrate them 365 days of the year. Awww.

“True Love”

This sultry standout includes nods to her Yours Truly song “Tattooed Heart,” as well as her upcoming album, Moonlight: “After six days in your arms I got that tattoo on my heart/ Cause I’m your moonlight, you’re my star, and nothing’s shining more than you.”

“Winter Things”

Experiencing Christmastime in a warmer climate is weird and disorienting, something Florida native Ariana knows all too well. On “Winter Things,” though, she refuses to let the sunshine melt the magic of the season by doing — you guessed it! — tons of wintry things with her boo.

After releasing the EP on Thursday, Ariana took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions about the project. Here’s what we learned:

The entire thing came together super fast (under a week!).

She loves the cheekiness of the title Christmas & Chill. (Same.)

The “milk and cookies” lyric from “Wit It This Christmas” is her favorite.

And she loved how spontaneous the project felt.

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