NBC Is Making 'Peter Pan' Less Racist Than Usual

Ugg-a-wugg 'whaaat'?

The hills are alive with the sound of a less racist version of "Peter Pan"!

According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC's "Peter Pan Live!" is getting a few key edits, including significant changes to the song "Ugg-A-Wugg," which has garnered criticism over the years for its attitude toward Native Americans. A duet between Tiger Lily and Peter Pan, the song has made up "Native American-sounding" lyrics and references "the brave noble red skin" of Tiger Lily and her friends.

The first change to the song to be made for the December 4 telecast is the song's title. It will now be called "True Blood Brothers." Likewise, the gibberish sounds in the lyrics will be replaced with nursery rhymes.

Here's Mary Martin's classic performance of the song:

Executive producer Neil Meron said that he hopes the changes will stick.

"Now and forever, this will hopefully be the version [in the show],” he told EW.

Amanda Green, daughter of "Peter Pan" lyricist Adolph Green, said that revising the song meant “stripping it down and taking out things that were silly in the day it was written and offensive today.”

Well, at least we know what happens when we beat on a drum. Don't we?