Snoop Dogg Seduces, Lil' Wayne Spends On Trina's New LP

The Glamorous Life is due September 13.

Trina's back, and as usual, she's got a message for the fellas.

"If you a real fly dude, then you should be able to ball, so spend money on me 'cause I'm real fly," the Miami rapper said of her new single, "Don't Trip."

On the club track, Trina directs her message directly to Lil' Wayne, who lends a verse. Mannie Fresh produced the tune and Dr. Teeth (Mike Jones' "Still Tippin' ") directed the video recently in Miami.

"Don't Trip" is featured on The Glamorous Life, due September 13.

"It's the most fun album I've ever done," said Trina, who's coming off the "Bad Bitch" remix with Webbie on the "Hustle & Flow" soundtrack and is also featured on Ebony Eyez's new remix of "In Ya Face." "It's about a lot of things, really up and down."

Other guests on the LP include Young Buck, Jazze Pha, Lil Scrappy and Snoop Dogg, who raps on a track called "Sexy Girl." "It's basically him trying to get with me," Trina said of the tune.

Trina's been working on the album for three years, in between launching an acting career and other ventures, such as her Diamond Princess perfume line, named after her 2002 album (see [article id="1446862"]"Missy Elliott Joins Princess Trina's Court"[/article]).

Along with her sitcom, "With Friends Like These," Trina just shot a movie called "Radiant Girls."

"I play this crazy-lady role, a girl in a psychiatric ward, and I'm convincing them I'm crazy," she said.

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