Justin Bieber Really Really Has A Batmobile. Really

You probably already know that Justin Bieber has a Batmobile, AKA a Batillac, since it's actually a Cadillac CTS-V that's so tricked out to the nines that it's tricked out to the tens. If I had Justin Bieber's money and were 17, that's totally the kind of car I'd buy (after purchasing my unattainable dream: an in-home soda machine with free soda), and that lean-back, looking-off-to-the-side car stance that's become a trope/ meme/ cliche is totally the way one should pose alongside one's custom-made Batmobile.

But did you know about the suicide doors (so it's a Batmobile/ Delorean hybrid?) black matte finish (black matte's the chrome of 2012!), and bat logo on the grill? No word yet on how much Bieber's Batmobile cost or whether it runs on flexible fuel or something earth-conscious like that, but you can find out more about Justin Bieber's Batmobile at MTV Geek.

+ Find out more about Justin Bieber's Batmobile and check out more photos at MTV Geek.

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