'That Awkward Moment' When... Michael B. Jordan Goes Full-Frontal?

The cast of the new comedy play a game of 'Most Likely To' in new 'After Hours.'

You know you're in for some awkward moments when Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan play a game of "Most Likely To."

Josh Horowitz leads the three stars of "That Awkward Moment" in the game in a brand-new "After Hours," and things get pretty interesting really quick.

Michael B. Jordan says he's most likely to cry in a movie, but under protests from Miles and Zac.

"I cried at your movie!" Teller said.

"You made me cry twice in your movie," Zac said. We can only assume they meant "Fruitvale Station" and not "Red Tails."

Michael also claims to be most likely to go full-frontal in a movie, though according to Zac, anyone yearning to see more of Michael just has to go on the Internet.

"He's already trying to hide this, 'cause they're out on the Internet," Zac said. Michael doesn't deny it, pleading "Don't look for those."

Zac reveals that he's most likely to be in a "Star Wars" movie, which is about right, considering he actually met with J.J. Abrams and company regarding a role in Episode VII.

The former "High School Musical" star also loves karaoke, and he, Miles and Michael break out into a mumbled cover of the classic song "September."

Check out the young stars' answers in full in the video, and watch them on the big screen in "That Awkward Moment," out now in theaters.

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