Deadly Venoms Take Aim At Eve, Mia X In New Video

After switching labels and settling a lawsuit against Sprite, The Deadly Venoms will finally release their long-awaited debut album, "Pretty Thugs," on May 2 via DreamWorks Records.

The first female rap group to emerge from the extended Wu-Tang Family, The Deadly Venoms consists of N-Tyce, Champ MC, Finesse, J-Boo, and an unknown member whose identity is always kept a mystery.

The Venoms were supposed to issue their first album, originally titled "Antidote," in the fall of 1998, but were left without a label once A&M Records ceased operations later that year.

The group first emerged in 1997-98 with a string of singles, including "Counterfeiters" and "Bomb Threat," and also made a guest appearance on Kurupt's 1998 effort, "Kuruption.

Following the label switch, The Venoms were further sidetracked by a 1999 lawsuit filed against Sprite because of a commercial that featured Eve, Angie Martinez, Mia X, and Roxanne Shante.

Though the Venoms eventually

reached an out-of-court settlement with Sprite, the rappers had claimed that the ad in question had borrowed from the band's concepts, name, and styles.

The Deadly Venoms take aim at those same rappers in the video to its new single, "Venom Everywhere," which also parodies "The Blair Witch Project." According to the band's handlers, the clip features the "real Venoms" leading the four "fake Venoms" into the woods and haunting them.

The video is scheduled to make its broadcast premiere on February 2 on BET's "Rap City.

The Deadly Venoms were brought together by the Rocks The World Productions team of Russ Prez & Storm, who handle production duties on "Pretty Thugs." The duo has also worked with Kurupt and Shaq.

-- David Basham

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