'You Know What You Did': Heidi Montag Talks About That Legendary 'Hills' Quote

But does Mrs. Spencer Pratt actually know what she did?

"You know what you did" ranks high on the list (perhaps worthy of the No.1 spot?) of the most memorable statements uttered during The Hills. But does the recipient of this bold Lauren Conrad sentence -- none other than Heidi Montag -- actually know what she did? Forget Prince Hamlet posing the query "to be or not to be"...THIS is a critical question.

Well, Buzzfeed recently sat down with 1/2 of Speidi to find out (you can relive the iconic Les Deux scene above) and also get some dirt about the Tinseltown television series.


"Oh, I know what she did!" the Colorado native dished about the showdown at Frankie Delgado's birthday bash. "That’s for sure. I didn’t do anything."

So there we have it -- some resolution! And speaking of the erstwhile Hillside Villas roomies, Heidi does reveal that if she were to do the show all over again, she would have handled things differently with the Laguna Beach star.

"I would definitely have stood my ground more with Lauren and just have her be more honest with me," Heidi explained. "It was really hard getting her to agree to film with me and then, once I got there, having her be honest with me. It was just a really challenging time, so I’m a much stronger and different person now so I feel like I could go more toe-to-toe." Well, we would love to see that.

Check out the entire Buzzfeed article here -- and let us know if you think Heidi really knows what she did.

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