Building Hope From The Ground Up

Don’t tell me local politics don’t matter

My Body Hair Doesn’t Bother Me — It Shouldn’t Bother You Either

I used to be embarrassed by my body hair and work hard to remove it with wax, by shaving, and with other means, but now I embrace it: I'm a beautiful woman as I am.

I'm From A Police Family. This Is How I Came To Understand The Black Lives Matter Movement.

I refuse to side with any officer who shoots an unarmed citizen. Nobody is above the law. Nobody.

The Wake-Up Call

My friend’s death helped me realize that no matter how bad things get, we are worth more than we could ever know

My Father, The Ballerina Bun-Maker

Gender roles don’t matter. What does matter is doing what you love for the people you love.

I’m The Survivor Who Called Out Omarosa For Defending Trump

Now I’m fighting back even harder.

My ‘Pretty Tummy’

This family trait may end with me — for an unexpected reason.

Using Music To Overcome Illness

I found a way to feel empowered instead of victimized by my experience with chronic illness.

When I’m Running

It helps me fight the war that’s constantly going on between my brain and me.

Living Empathetically In A ‘Safe Space’

Attacking an attack is only fighting fire with fire.

What No One Tells You About Medical Leave In College

I had to fight to return to school after battling mental illness and I'm not alone.

I Wore The ‘Grab My P***y, I Dare You’ T-Shirt To A Trump Rally

I wore it in protest, to show every narcissistic and hate-filled misogynist that I cannot be humiliated into submission.

Don’t Write Off Donald Trump’s Sexism

This election isn’t just political. It’s personal.

I Can’t Run From Who I Am Any Longer

I'm still coming to terms with my bisexuality, but I know that I'm proud of it.

The Isolation Of The Language Barrier

I learned this struggle firsthand when I befriended an Arabic-speaking student.

The Way Men Talk About Trump

To have an effective conversation about sexual assault, men must be honest about how they contribute to rape culture.

The Time For Black Actors To Thrive Is Now

We deserve to play characters who aren’t defined by their relationships to white people.

Being A Fat Woman During Trump’s Campaign

Despite what Trump thinks, no word is just a word

An American In Brexit

I thought that studying in London would remove me from dysfunctional politics for 15 weeks -- I was wrong.

Making ‘Boyfriends’

On not fitting the mold of hyper-masculine standards

Showing Their Last Moments

Why access to video of police brutality is crucial for justice

Taking Up The Space I Deserve

I want to remind women that there is room for us all to be beautiful, funny, and a little bit screwed up

Loving When You’re Hurting

Having a mental illness doesn’t make my relationship ill.

Emotionally Safe Sex

I was never taught about the shame that came with sharing intimacy with a boy who looked at me as if I had no complex dimensions.