Aparna Nancherla

Lady Problems: Men, Stay Out Of It!!! Edition

‘Alexa, are you a feminist?’ ‘Yes, I am a feminist.’


Durga Chew-Bose

Lady Problems: The Men Have Lost Their Minds

Have you downloaded Jeremy Renner’s Goop yet?


In Praise Of Kristen Stewart

Lady Problems: The Rough Night Trailer Controversy Zzzzzzzzzzzz

The real joke is that we are all idiots for engaging in this argument in the first place

Lady Problems: Emma Watson And The Great Underboob Reckoning of 2017

Plus: Believe women. Believe women believe women believe women believe women believe women believe wom—



‘Lady Problems’: Melanie Lynskey On Becoming An ‘Invisible’ Over-30 Woman In Hollywood

Plus, we play a game with Melanie called ‘Trivia About Yourself’


Melanie Lynskey


Andrea Silenzi


Kylie Vs Kylie, Fifty Shades Darker, And Stephen Miller's Voice

Lady Problems: Never Trust A Man Or Doll With Two First Names

A couple li’l things that we, as a society, need before we need a boy American Girl doll named Logan Everett

Q&A: Director Karyn Kusama On Horror Movies For, About, And Made By Women

The ‘Jennifer’s Body’ and ‘The Invitation’ director on ‘XX’ and making scary movies in Hollywood

‘Lady Problems,’ With Jennifer’s Body Director Karyn Kusama

We talk about the state of modern horror, and, relatedly, why being a woman is totally fucking terrifying


Karyn Kusama

Lady Problems: Do Bella And Gigi Hadid Hate Each Other Or Are They Just Sisters?

Two sisters who will style the same item of clothing completely differently, which is fun, might really be mortal enemies

‘Lady Problems’ Podcast, With TV Columnist Jen Chaney

Plus: How female pop-culture icons like Carrie Fisher and Cher Horowitz have become central to the resistance


TV Columnist Jen Chaney

Lady Problems: *Kiss Kiss* Welcome To The White Feminism Luncheon, Bitsy Dear

In which we explore the one-size-fits-all white feminism problem

‘Lady Problems’: God Has Forsaken Us And Annette Bening

Plus: the Women’s Marches


God Has Forsaken Us And Annette Bening

Lady Problems: The Academy Lovingly Bestows Oscar Noms On Bad Men

Plus: A dystopian film about the Trump administration. But ... it's directed by ... Michael Bay...

‘Lady Problems’ Podcast: The Sex-isode, With Sybil Lockhart

The lead researcher of OMGYes, a new site that works to demystify female sexuality, answers all your sex-life questions