Charli XCX Is In Stupid Love With Lady Gaga's Latest

The pop singer and tastemaker explains why she's digging Gaga's new tune

Charli XCX is a pop tastemaker as much as she is an artist, regularly promoting rising musicians (like Mallrat and Kim Petras) and sounds that she believes to be the future of pop. It's why her "The Motherfucking Future" Spotify playlist is so important: It can show who's up next and what sounds will be dominating the pop landscape of tomorrow.

Peeking into her cloudy crystal ball, Charli has come up with the prediction that Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love" is the sound of both now and later. She revealed to The Fader how she felt about the song, explaining that she loves everything from the typography to the pre-chorus. It's safe to say that Charli is as big of a Gaga stan as the rest of us.

"I think this is my favorite Gaga song in a while," she said. "Don't get me wrong, she always slays her eras, but I gotta say I'm pretty happy to be back in the club with Gaga in a full-on dance routine, Formichetti-collaborating world!"

She continued by digging into what she digs best about the song. "I think the typography on the single art is great: It really stands out to me and probably makes me love the song even more," she said. "I love a BloodPop drop, and I really hear it in this song. And I am obsessed with the pre-chorus. Anyone who listens to my music knows I'm a fan of a repetitive lyric, so for me, the repetition of 'I freak out, I freak out, I freak out,' is super satisfying, especially alongside that very satisfying topline."

In addition to having Gaga fever, Charli also expressed her love for Lil Uzi Vert's "That Way." "Honestly, I've been waiting for someone to use this Backstreet Boys hook for a while, and I'm really happy with how Lil Uzi did it in this song," she said.

Last week, Charli revealed in a "social distancing diary" that she's been in a creative quarantine while finishing up the writing process for her the LP. "What can I tell you about this album... well, there are less collaborations, Chris and I have been talking about reuniting (alongside someone else), it has felt very quick to make, A. G. [Cook] is involved, I want it to be quite short in comparison to Charlithere are a lot of songs about sex and physicality," she wrote.

Check out the latest edition of Charli's "The Motherfuckin Future" playlist up above.

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