'When I Was 17' Bonus Scene: Mac Miller Almost Became A Painter...But He Sucked At It


A 17-year-old Mac MIller on the streets of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh may be known best for its historical landmarks, but the Steel City got a pretty sweet aesthetic upgrade while Mac Miller was growing up. In this "MTV2 Presents: When I Was 17" bonus scene, Mac tells us how he put his artistic touch on the city's streets, helping to paint the town red (and all kinds of other colors) for MLK Mural.

In the video below, the Pittsburgh native shares how hometown artist Kyle Holbrook was able to help Mac turn away from his self-confessed scumbag ways. "He kind of put this thing together for, like, kids to be involved in something more positive," the rapper recalls of the painting program. However, there was one tiiiny problem: Mac was way better at holding a microphone than a brush. "I can't paint. I can't draw. I can barely read," he jokingly admits. Still, Holbrook found the perfect role for the rapper, allowing him to document the creation of a mural from behind the camera. Now that takes true artistic vision!

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