Which Book Characters Are Coming To ‘Game of Thrones’ Next Season?

And could they possibly be returning to the Iron Islands?

Mild spoilers for "Game of Thrones" follow!

What is dead may never die... except for the entire Greyjoy storyline from "A Song Of Ice and Fire," which has taken a major backseat to the hundreds (not an exaggeration) of other characters who've had stuff to do in these past few seasons of "Game of Thrones." Seriously, when was the last time we saw Theon's badass sister Asha -- sorry, I mean Yara -- get to do something awesome?



But it looks like next season of the hit HBO show might return to the Iron Islands to catch up with Westeros's saltiest family. According to a leaked casting call from the Watchers on The Wall website, the next season is looking for a "man in his 40s to late 50s" who's “an infamous pirate who has terrorized seas all around the world. Cunning, ruthless, with a touch of madness.”

That sounds a lot like Euron Greyjoy, the younger brother of Theon and Yara's father Balon. Hopefully this means that we finally get to witness the "Kingsmoot" from the books, where -- spoiler alert! -- Yara, Euron, his brother Victarion and other islanders vie to become the new Iron King after Balon dies. What, you thought the leech ceremony Stannis and Melisandre performed back in season 3 skipped a king? Nah, the Lord of Light always gets his man.



Of course, considering that there's no casting information for Victarion, the show might be getting rid of him to focus on Euron's quest to court Daenerys Targaryen across the sea. But at the very least, we know we're probably seeing Balon and Yara again at the end of this season, according to IMDB. I'm actually totally cool with them getting rid of Victarion, actually, because maybe that also means they'll do away with the rivalry between the two brothers -- which revolves around Victarion beating his wife to death for sleeping with (more likely, getting assaulted by) Euron. Ick. Let's skip that, please.

But that's not all! There are also listings for "Father," "Mother," "Sister" and "Brother" roles that are “centrally involved” in an already existing protagonist's storyline. Since the father is described as "one of the greatest soldiers in Westeros- a humorless martinet, severe and intimidating," the prevailing theory is that he'll be Randyll Tarly, a nobleman serving under the Tullys -- and Samwell's dad. Remember how he sent his son to the Wall because he wasn't man enough? Sob.



The casting list also calls for "Priest," a "gruff ex-soldier who found religion" and who's "now a no-nonsense rural priest who ministers to the poor of the countryside." This seems to point to a character from the books named Septon Meribald, who may or may not have a relationship with The Hound, Sandor Clegane. Yup, you thought he was dead? Turns out he probably isn't.

There are also a couple other characters to watch out for, like "an elegant actress with a traveling theatre company," a "beautiful, intense, and magnetic" priestess, and a "Fierce Warrior" of “mixed ethnicity.”

We're guessing these are all characters we'll find in Essos rather than Westeros -- the first lady in particular might be someone that Arya encounters on her travels, since we know she's gonna meet up with a troupe of actors at some point during "Winds of Winter."

The fierce warrior, I'm guessing, is Khal Jhaqo, the guy who tried to take over Drogo's Khalesar after he died and -- seriously, spoiler alert! -- whom Daenerys runs into after flying away from Meereen on Drogon's back. Man, will it be good to see her go back to her nomadic heart-eating roots. You know, provided she can hold her own against Jhaqo...



Yeah, I'm not worried. My girl's got this.

Finally, there's a "trio of boys" aged 7 to 12, with Northern accents and a bunch of wooden swords. Since people liked Cersei's flashback so much this season, they might be trying it again with a new batch of kids.

But who? Is it Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) and his brothers, Benjen and Brandon? Or is one of them Petyr Baelish, whom we know fought Brandon for the right to wed Catelyn? Could it possibly be Robb Stark, Jon Snow, and Theon Greyjoy as boys at Winterfell? Who do YOU think it could be?

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