'Hills' Buzz Moment #6: Heidi And Spencer's Many Weddings

Speidi made it official last year after a few proposals and one not-quite-legal ceremony.

It was the moment -- well, moments -- that kept [url id=""]"Hills"[/url] fans guessing. Over the show's five seasons, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have gone through two proposals, three weddings and a whole lot of drama -- which all adds up to the #6 spot on our list of the most buzzed-about moments on "The Hills."

Over the course of their relationship, not everyone has been rooting for Speidi to stick it out, and Spencer hasn't always been the best influence on Heidi. He broke up her friendship with Lauren Conrad, caused problems with her family and didn't always give her sage career advice.

Yet, despite the animosity toward him, it seemed like maybe Spencer had changed when he decided back in 2007 to take his relationship with Heidi to a whole new level and proposed to her for the first time. But the two couldn't agree on all the details. Heidi wanted a lavish wedding, while he wanted to elope, and of course, in the end, Spencer got his way.

So, on a trip to Mexico fueled by some tequila, Heidi and Spencer eloped. But a Mexican wedding doesn't mean you're really married in the United States, and upon their return, Heidi and Spencer wanted to make it legal in a courtroom wedding in Los Angeles.

The news was not well-received, but thanks to some advice from sister Stephanie, Spencer showed us all he actually has a heart. "I just want to give you the wedding of your dreams, and I will deal with it," Spencer told Heidi, forgoing the courtroom ceremony. "It's worth it, and we'll do it the way you want."

Eventually, Spencer proposed again, and Heidi finally got the wedding she always dreamed of -- plus a nice rock. On April 25, 2009, friends and family gathered to see [article id="1610024"]Speidi make it official in a fairy-tale wedding[/article]. With Lauren Conrad in attendance and Kristin Cavallari making an appearance, it was a day to remember. [article id="1610023"]Stephanie later told MTV News[/article], "This is with the family. There was a legal priest, and the ceremony had prayers. It was completely different."

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