9 Burning Questions From Last Night's 'Scandal'

What about 'Gone Girl'?

WARNING: Spoilers for the season four premiere of "Scandal" ahead.

After a long summer of wondering where the hell Olivia went, we finally have some answers. The season four premiere of "Scandal," "Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia" revealed the secret hideout of Olivia and Jake (near Zanzibar, natch), what it takes to find a super-fixer who's been hidden by a superspy (a good bottle of wine) and how much a group of people in suits can yell in one hour of television (so much).

Despite all these revelations, we still have a few burning questions from last night's "Scandal." Consider them handled.

1. Sooo, when is the whole Fitz and Olivia thing going to happen?

Last night, we saw our favorite gladiator cross paths with the Commander in Chief/her on-again off-again lovah Fitz as the two walked in opposite directions in the Capitol rotunda. Though we got a very cool effect that disappeared everyone else in the room, there was nary a brush of the two's hands, and no eye contact. (And a nice look at Fitz's wedding ring to boot, gulp.) Though he promised Mellie that a rekindling with Olivia "wasn't going to happen," we're not new here. It's only a matter of time.

2. When did Olivia have time to get her hair straightened?

Just sayin', she went from her naturally curly state on the beach in one shot to a sleek, straightened lewk the next. Is she really like "oh, man, D.C. won't allow me back unless I get my hair straightened!" Let it loose, girl.

3. When will Mellie get out of the bathrobe?

The first lady was in full robe-and-Uggs grief mode this episode, slouching around in dirty shirts, telling the world about her new aversion to waxing and literally stretching out on Dead Jerry's grave. (Remember when Jerry got poisoned? That was surprising.) Mellie isn't Mellie without her pencil skirts and machinations, so it seems like only a matter of time before she buckles down and starts double-crossing her husband at the cost of national security again. Or is it? Maybe a dead child is what it takes to un-Mellie Mellie.

4. Will Sen. Sterling die? Will we care if he does?

It seems like Olivia may be done with this case if the storming out and throwing papers and what have you is any indication, but the loose end of Sterling being not dead yet, plus all the talk of how crucial he is to the passage of the equal pay bill makes us think that he might linger for a while. Sorry, Kate. (Or should we say bait.)

5. Fitz tried to kill himself? Bwuh?

Mellie's taking her turn as the mess of the White House, but we learn thanks to a drunken aside on the very publicly visible White House balcony that Fitz tried to end it all at some point in the post-Jerry world. That seems like we'll be hearing more about this "one bad night," won't we? Cue the flashbacks!

6. Will Jake find something to occupy his hands?

Considering this episode took less than a minute to show Jake getting up inside Olivia's swimsuit, and his repeated pleas for no talking during "my turn," it seems like Jake has really been focusing his energy on, uh, reaching those places that Fitz couldn't. Ahem. Oh, and yelling at David Rosen. Dude needs a new hobby. Too much time on his hands, literally.

7. Will David get confirmed as Attorney General?

Gotta say, that very public firing would probably be a nice black mark it would be hard to look past in confirmation hearings, not to mention all the scandals (hahahahahahaha, get it?) he's been involved in. Plus: Democrat. Ooooohhhh.

8. Are they gladiators, or are they bitches?

Real question, though: will the band get back together? Will Huck quit his Geek Squad job and get back to snappin' necks and pullin' teeth? So far, only Quinn, who we're still feeling might be at least a little evil, has re-teamed with Olivia. And if you'll recall, over the past three seasons, Quinn's on the job training has consisted of being wide-eyed and new, being in hiding and possibly a murderer, being an actual murderer bad guy, losing a very important tooth, and now whatever the heck she's doing now. Where's Stephen when you need him, right? (Married, maybe. Dead, probably.)

9. Did Olivia get to finish "Gone Girl" before she left the beach?

Because dayum, that one's hard to put down.

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