Stan Lee's 'Heroman' Anime Gets Manga Treatment

The Anime News Network is reporting that Stan Lee and BONES anime studio's "Heroman," an original anime concept from Lee, will receive a manga counterpart courtesy of Tamon ?ta. The first full-color opening page will debut in Square Enix's Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine on August 12.

Lee's "Heroman" concept centers on an American boy named Joey who finds a toy robot called Heroman that can transform into a giant robot. In this form, Joey pilots Heroman and battles various villains.

The project isn't the only manga that Lee is working on. Lee and his Pow! Entertainment have also been developing a series called "Ultimo" with iconic manga creator Hiroyuki Takei. "Ultimo" focuses on a duo of humanoid creatures named Ultimo and Vice as they engage in an epic aerial battle above Farmless City.

Manga projects aside, the list of Stan Lee-certified projects goes on and on. The legendary comic book creator is bringing an original concept called "Nick Ratchet" to the big screen by way of Pow! and Disney. He's also working on "Hero," a one-hour television series for Showtime based on the Perry Moore novel about a high school athlete that joins an elite superhero team.

Of course, that's not even mentioning the very specific cameo role he'll have in "Venom," proving that the years have been kind to the revered Marvel creator and his many fans.

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